From the preset menu at the top you can select a number of probeslag kortingscode GIF presets based on the number of colors and noise in your image.
Now for this video, I'm going to show you four different ways to create a GIF using After Effects.
And while you're there you can just go and browse the rest of humanity, which is a little depressing.Tips for Lowering GIF File Size There are a few different things you can do to reduce kruidenkaravaan kortingscode your GIF file size without losing quality.Gifgun directly inside of After Effects.And I'm going to use just one of these presets that I have here, I'm going to use a pro-res 422 preset.And so this will take just a minute but it's incredibly fast and incredibly easy to use.So to do that, go up to 'file' and 'save for web'.Join Free, it seems the age of the animated GIF is upon.But whenever you do that, it's going to have some hard edges that don't exactly look right.So for example, if we kind of take a look at our GIF that we have here, and in fact you can hit this play button and preview your GIF, just in case you're wondering.And it rendered out here and we have, just like before, a 1 to 2 second looping video.Create a GIF Using Photoshop.Or we could even probably drop this down how much does a maritime lawyer make to eight.And if we preview this, you can see we have a high-res GIF out of Photoshop and it is super small.
Step 3: Navigate to Save for Web.