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Our secure, 24 hour 7 days a week, video monitored factory means you know your how to make your own dildo vehicle is in safe hands at all times.
Volkswagen Alloy Wheels are usually either 4x100.e.
We are also able to source and fit new alloy wheels for our customers.Interested in buying a set of Alloy Wheels?Scotlands original alloy wheel and tyre specialist is a long established family business who have been supplying and fitting alloy wheels to the trade and public since 1970.Plus-sizing can make your overall wheel/tyre package heavier.No nonsense, no charge, no extras and no small print.Phone Number:, our staff offers superior quality service and unmatched results in alloy wheel repair.Offset is the distance between the hub mounting face at the back of the wheel and the wheel's centreline.Powder coating equipment enables us to powder coat large pieces up to 7 feet in length, as well as small parts for motorcycles, motorcycle frames, motorcycle rims, racing car parts, engine parts, and more.Donor wheels can be supplied to keep your vehicle mobile whilst any of the above processes are being carried out.Disadvantages - In the majority of situations, tyre inches are lighter than wheel inches.Negative make network diagram Offset wheels have their mounting face toward the rear of the wheel - powerful rear-wheel drive cars often have wheels with negative offset.We use all the latest equipment to allow us to fully repair and refurbish all types of alloy wheels surfaces.Related Resources: - coming soon.We've had a set of silver wheels turn bronze and throw all 4 centre caps in just 1 hour on track!

Spare tyres can be full-size or temporary space saver mini spares.
Mini spares are designed to take up less room in your vehicle and to get you home, but not to be driven on for long periods.