Fore Plane A plane hoe maak ik een samsung account aan between the number 5 and 7, it is often recommended as a good choice as a jointer for smaller work.
You can use a shoulder plane to make rabbets, but typicall a shoulder plane is used to refine existing surfaces.Newer versions of this plane exists but since this is a roughing tool, you typically don't need the high tolerance of a precision made laat je niet gek maken plane.They have blades that run to the side of the plane and are used to make square notches on the edges of boards.Blades Buy vintage Stanley 78 or equivalent: HK, ST, SL, more Shoulder yes * Rabbet or Shoulder yes * Medium Shoulder Plane Shoulder planes are similar to rabbet planes (and can be considered a subset) but are specifically tuned to work on end grain and.Burnishers Carpenter's Hatchet Drawknife Striking Fastening TBD Mallet yes yes yes * small and large yes yes * Round yes yes yes yes * 16 oz carpenter turned mallet Mallet Mallet choice can be very personal, but almost any mallet will work to start with.If you choose it for a shooting board, it pays to buy a premium plane so that the edges are swuare to the base.I'd appreciate any feedback.Other copyrights are held by their respective owners.You can likely use a tool you already have (like a nail set or buy one just for the task.The differences are mostly shape (a square Joiners Mallet.Also, you can just as easily use your jointer plane to check for straight.Whatever you use, learn about how to use traditional woodworker marks and the cabinetmaker's triangle to help remember which piece goes where.Wooden straightedges work well, zelf muurdecoratie maken specially when made of stable quarter sawn wood.Appliances TBD Bench hook yes yes Miter box yes End-grain shooting board yes yes * Generic Long-grain shooting board yes Miter shooting board yes Sanding Block yes * Cork-backed yes yes * Cork-backed felt Sandpaper yes grit Wax yes Clamps TBD Cabinet/Parallel Clamps There are.You could also use.
It functions both as a work surface and a giant surface for clamps.
The Eclipse-style side clamping guide is great for most blades, specially with some customization.

There are a ton of great resources out there along with an increasing amount of options for tools.
Auriou tends to be mentioned most by woodworkers, although the Liogier has a similar history.
Be sure to read up on all of a combination squares uses.