csgo how to make a config

Update - 2019, over the last couple of months we've added a huge number of CS:GO gameplay articles to Metabomb, and so we wanted to take the chance to tidy up our core guide to help you access every anwb korting overtocht engeland last one of them.
Viewmodel_offset_x: Viewmodel position on the x-axis.
Cl_bobamt_vert: The amount the viewmodel moves up and down when running.Share Did you like this article?How to create an auto-exec file - Your main ticket to customising the game to your liking, but one thats not exactly obvious or easy to pull off if youre not used to tinkering with system settings.How to get Prime - If you're unsure how Prime matchmaking works, or if you want to know how to access it, then we've put together a guide that'll walk you through all the key details - CS:GO - How to get Prime How.Viewmodel_fov: Viewmodel field of view.In this guide we will show you some of the most useful console commands, for practicing different grenades and throws.Cl_bobamt_lat: The amount the viewmodel moves side to side when running.This can be archived by positioning the gun lower and more inward, making the gun take up less space on the screen.With dynamic crosshair, you lose valuable fractions of a second to return it to static version.From improving your aim to mastering recoil control, we've got everything you need to get more out of CS:GO this year.Quick tip: Make a config file called g and put it in your CS:GO config folder the CS:GO folder is normally located in: Global Offensivecsgocfg, copy the commands below to your new config file.Mp_autoteambalance 0: auto team balance turned off.Mp_buy_anywhere 1: enables you to open buy menu anywhere on the map.Bind "KEY" "give weapon_hegrenade;give weapon_flashbang;give weapon_smokegrenade;give weapon_molotov" / Bot commands bot_add_t bot_add_ct bot_kick bot_stop, important: remember to replace KEY with your desired key to use noclip or give grenades.
Lets just get to it, here is the config for anyone interested: / Config for server sv_cheats 1 sv_infinite_ammo 1 ammo_grenade_limit_total 5 mp_warmup_end mp_freezetime 0 mp_roundtime 60 mp_roundtime_defuse 60 sv_grenade_trajectory 1 sv_grenade_trajectory_time 10 sv_showimpacts 1 mp_limitteams 0 mp_autoteambalance 0 mp_maxmoney 60000 mp_startmoney 60000 mp_buytime 9999.

If you havent done it yet, you should really create an g file in your CS:GO config folder.
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Mp_maxmoney 60000: you can have.000 instead of the default.000.