Your goal here is to find a couple who has eloped and must contend with the mystery of the Crystal Cave.
One module that ditched that common conceit is CM Test of the Warlords.
In the old days of D hoe maak ik ghb D, players and DMs had to use their imagination.
The plots excellent crafting is one of the few real downsides to this module, though.Its also not trolling we genuinely want to find people who have a passion for Dungeons and Dragons.RX ( ) 2018/10/11, rXWeb 100V240VAC 5060Hz 950W.Just know this isnt meant to be click bait were not showing tons of ads.I'll just say it does the LitRPG in a creative way.Its still incredibly fun, especially if you have a group that is familiar with most of the classic mechanics.The climax of that series, Vault of the Drow, really pushed this setting forward as something that could be mined for the future.Will add Terrain Craft subsection.Again, though, this is a classic module that most seasoned players will put up with if only to experience some of D Ds best history. 2018/01/.Are they all perfect?27 November 2018,.1.5, massive Update.It's LitRPG, but it doesn't read like someone just wrote down their D D adventure.Updated Errata and Basic Rules to 2018 versions.Temple of Elemental Evil heerlijke soep maken (T1-4 the Lost City (B4 beyond the Crystal Caves (UK1 s1: Tomb of Horrors (1978 tomb of Horrors controversially made our list of worst Dungeons and Dragons modules, and thats not changing today.If youre into role-playing more than hack n slash, this module is right up your alley.I6: Ravenloft by Tracy Hickman, most people who dont already love Ravenloft just havent played it before.
If you want your players to have a great time with a module thats off the beaten path, expose them to Ravenloft.
B4: The Lost City A city in the desert.

D3 Vault of the Drow is a part of the same Queen of Spiders super-module as Queen of the Demonweb Pits, though its got a somewhat different flavor than that game.
The main dungeon, the Pyramid, is only ten levels and doesnt provide much of a challenge for those who have been playing for a bit.
The civilization with which you fight, work, and eventually try to aid, is fantastic.