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You can select an icon for each team or player that will be displayed in the brackets and reports.However, its worth bearing in mind that using a stack of spacers may not be the optimum solution for performance (read stiffness) and reliability.An older.5x46mm BB appears to be obsolete.Pros : As for PF86 Cons : As for PF86 Crank designs that will fit : Standard 24mm external-type, Shimano, sram GXP, Campagnolo and 30mm spindle cranks for CeramicSpeed bottom bracket science project easy to make at home sram DUB (Durable, Unifying Bottom Bracket ) DUB (Durable, Unifying Bottom bracket ) may.Bracket Style, bracket Starts on left, bracket starts on both sides.Crankset compatibility is thus unchanged, although you do lose the ability to run chain guides that sandwich between the driveside cup and frame.Pros : Lighter weight; more resistant to axle twist; more heel clearance; larger-diameter shell and spindle; potential for narrower pedal stance width Cons : Metal-on-metal interfaces can be prone to creaking; requires a separate bearing puller and press for service; requires high manufacturing tolerances; bearing.Title (optional show Team Names?Cranks of both systems are compatible with each other." D'Aluisio even argues that osbb offers alignment advantages compared with threaded shells: "The tolerances are not too different but the way they're measured.For example, a BB30/PF30 bottom bracket has the narrowest shell width of any of the standards, whilst being designed for large 30mm spindles.PF30A and PF30-83 Ai Yes (Cannondale) 46mm 30mm 73mm (BB30A 83mm (BB30-83) 6806 bearings in cups Essentially the Pressfit version of BB30A and BB30-83 BBRight (Direct Fit) No (Cervélo) 42mm 30mm 79mm (road only) 6806 bearings pressed into frame with circlips to locate.The bracket sheet you need if you consider yourself a true fan of football.The key benefits are lighter weights owing to the larger, 30mm-diameter aluminium spindle and the elimination of separate bearing cups.In fact, their roots action cadeaubon saldo date back more than two decades to Craig Edwards' old Sweet Wings cranks and Alex Pong's groundbreaking Magic Motorcycle.Bottom bracket must be specced with correct shell width and spindle length.In addition to weight, another BB30 advantage is stiffness.Generally, your replacement cranks may have the same or smaller spindle diameter, and the same or longer spindle length than the system your bottom bracket is designed around.Excluding the relatively new T47 standard (more on that later the one you're most likely to come across is the Italian threaded bottom bracket.So long as you have a concentric bore of the right diameter, parallel faces, and a proper shell width, you're good.Specialized's uses this standard for some of its high-end road bikes, but calls it osbb.The new Cannondale SuperX uses the brands BB30-83 Ai standard Cannondale also recently introduced another bottom bracket standard in the form of BB30-83.

Bearings are pressed directly into precision-molded carbon seats "The most significant advantage is a stiffer frame says Trek mountain bike product manager John Riley.
They both have the same needs for concentricity and placement relative to the frame.
While cranks designed specifically for your bottom bracket will fit, at some point you may want or need to adapt non-standard cranks to your bottom bracket.