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ChromeBooks the relatively inexpensive laptops that run a Chrome browser and web apps atop Linux havent yet made a big splash like smartphones or tablets have.
With nearly a 200 gap between the RX 580 and RX Vega 56 (less now thanks to some sales AMD hopes to fill the void with a new 279 RX 590.
Either way, Intel makes clear that its first discrete graphics product in a long, long time will be "just the beginning." Intel also mentions the relative popularity of its graphics solutions, which power more systems than any other GPU, lighting up "quintillions of pixels across.
Right now, the company is sampling its codenamed Rome CPUs based on Zen 2 microarchitecture and made using tsmcs first-generation 7 nm manufacturing technology (N7).Powered by the new nvidia Turing GPU architecture and the revolutionary RTX platform, RTX graphics cards bring together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading.And for good reason.Su conceded that its an important technology, but as with all important technologies it takes time to really have the ecosystem adopt.Third, although Android and ChromeOS have been separate entities so far, this could be a way to begin integrating them, and therefore create a more fluid experience between desktop and mobile environments.The platform continues to mature, but hardware partners seem more focused on other priorities: Ultrabooks and preparation for Microsoft Windows 8(s msft) later this year.As the owner of Motorola, Google would have clear input as to the design and hardware needs for both a next-generation ChromeBook and the phone to power.The benefits, first, Googlerola could potentially offer these devices cheaper than the 300 to 420 price tags for todays ChromeBooks.At least thats what the companys chief executive asserts as is her job, naturally with Lisa Su making some interesting comments on a recent conference call, as highlighted by Wccftech.From a hardware perspective, all of the ChromeBooks today run on Intel(s intc) x86 chips, but Google originally said.Android itself is still doing well and needs the least help: Its currently the best selling mobile platform for smartphones, even though iOS has done some catching up with sales of the highly popular iPhone 4S of late(s aapl).Android isnt the problem; ChromeOS.And recent code for the ChromeOS project hints at support for a new Samsung Exynos ARM-based chip so ARM products could be around the corner Rumors point to Sony(s sne) readying one such device.Posted By CybrSlydr @ 4:51.
"We brought the world its first fully compliant DX12 graphics processor Intel stays at the 28-second mark.
The only difference here is that Asus is using Android for both the phone and the desktop experience.

At its Next Horizon event in San Francisco, AMD announced the fourth iteration of its Zen microarchitecture.
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Geforce RTX 2080, founders Edition 799.00.