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Taem is how meat is spelled backwards.Thank you to those who use this method to support our work.Do the anagrams of Lewis Carroll's verses reveal meaningful truths?ku all perfect anagrams are arrived at by hand by Kathy Onu on aaddeeglmnnnoss : Magdalens n Odens : perfect anagrams of Golden Mean Sands - ku : aaddeeglmnnnoss : Mana'd Goldenness : perfect anagram of Golden Mean Sands - ku : aamn.Soul Mate For serious couples who are positively head over heels in love.wfs The above definition of Lexigrams is from the manuscript, Letters Let Seer See, in pen by, Kathy Onu.Great for guys who are big, strong and sweet.And historical understandings and other researches into the creations and relations of human life and living, finally resulting in the Sequencers Database and its application program.Artists using letters : using letters as art : shakespeare's palindrome line : : Shakespeare's Lexigram lines : You've found the right place shakespeare as a anagram : words with meaningful anagrams : Our answer #1 : See the Axioms of the Letters Our answr.Panda enkel stopcontact dubbel maken Bear Because hes cuddly, and guys like him are rare.Main Man Because theres no other man for you.Iron Man Great for guys who need an ego boost.Let him know that he put a spell on you.If you are seeking examples of Lexigrams, we invite you to read the Star Art Lexigram of mother earth.
A written symbol representing an entire spoken word without expressing its pronunciation; for example, for 4 read four in English, quattro in Italian.
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