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When you're vgz zorgverzekering cadeau finished, save your changes and if you've entered all of the required information, it will show a manieren om het uit te maken checkmark next to "Pricing Distribution" along the left-hand side.
It will walk you through all aspects of the publishing phase of development, as well as the Google Play developer console.Register for Google Play, the first step in publishing is to register for Google Play at the, google Play publisher site.Prepare to Publish, the publishing process in Google Play can be a lot quicker if you have all of the store listing content complete and available before you start.Feature graphic: 1024w x 500h JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha).Note: This can sometimes take quite a while, so be patient.Instant beautification, select the beautification level of your choice.In just ONE tap!It must be under 50MB in size to be accepted.Publishing your App If you've submitted all of the required information, a "Publish this app" button will be enabled on the page.Collage: combine several photos into one collage using in-app templates, text, and layout options.Once you complete this step, you'll see a checkmark listed beside "APK" along the left hand side of the screen.Getting Started with Publishing article in Google Play's help.If you're creating an application that you want to distribute to the public, the best way to do so is to upload your application.
If you want to sell your apps, instead of offering them for free with ads, you also need to set up a Google Wallet Merchant account as described in the.