Part 3 Uploading Videos 1 Upload your videos.
A well-edited video will make a much stronger impression on viewers than a hastily thrown together creation.
Cut out unneeded parts of the video, and add music to keep the viewer on your video.
It will keep your viewers on longer.Here are a few examples based on the same situation as before: John Doe the Art Pro, PicassDoe, or Doe Vinci.Try to narrow down your appeal to a few keywords when coming up with tags.You should be spending as much time as possible logged into, even when youre not actively maintaining your channel.You can use annotations to easily allow viewers to subscribe to your channel.You're not wrong, but there's a better answer!While this may be a necessary step eventually, you don't need to report the other user to right away.Score 0 / 0 It will help more people watch overall.If youre talking into the camera, make sure that the camera is steady and that you are speaking clearly and at a good volume.2, remember to make a cool username and a catchy channel name.Question How old do I have to be to have a channel?Brush up on basic video-making techniques.11 Post as often as possible.But remember, it's not always recommended to do this.A good intro video also has a goal and set expectations for viewers.Create videos leading up to the event to capitalize on pre-event searches.So, it's a good idea to always keep check of your videos.Although tags are connected to the content of your videos, make cartoon movie online this is not the most important way tags help your videos get views.