So, a model - how to make a tshirt mockup in photoshop represents a real world object.
This updates your.htaccess file automatically so all your posts still display when a user visits them.
An example directory structure: modules/ - capabilities - php_webserver - manfiests - init.Pp - web_server_for_product02 - manifests - init.Once theyre all highlighted, drag and drop them into your new directory."public-dir "my_new_public_dir" Tip Some shared hosts have a public_html web directory root.I plan on having a series of posts related to this topic.Click Rename File and your new uploads folder is how to make really good pizza dough ready.Creating Redirects for WordPress (and the Best Plugins for the Job) for details on 302 redirects and how to set them.Pp - lib - roles - build_server01 - manifests - init.For example, if your new directory is called application, you would visit m/application/wp-admin.Pp - php-xdebug - manifests - init.You have been forewarned.Override the logs Directory, overriding the logs directory is the same as overriding the cache directory.contains business logic needed to manipulate that object.You need to hard code it into your p file instead.
It is the glue that handles the interactions between models, manipulates data, and prepares everything for the view to render.
I plan to create a vocabulary around infrastructure that will allow us to create groupings of manifests.

Creating a New Directory, start by creating a new directory in the root of your site.
Changing Your File Directory, the first kind of change you can make is to move all but two files away from the root of your site to a separate directory.
Clearly define what goes where, there should be no ambiguity as to what manifest belongs in what directory.