To do so, click the.
One solution to this issue is to create link groups.
Here you can see how many clicks the group has gathered over time.
This will open the, new Group page: Here, you can give your group a name and a description.This can give you an idea of which external sites get the most traffic from yours, or how well how to make a fill in pdf the links on one of your landing pages are performing.Group Info : This is where you can change your group's image and description.This will take you to the.This page will give you the tools you need to effectively manage your members and the group itself.IF there are no other members with BC, the group will be windows movie maker mobile owned by no one.Let us know in the comments section below!Advanced Options, however, youll see a new menu called Group : You can use this to select the group you want to add the new link.However, you can also do this when you create or edit individual links.Navigate to, pretty Links Pretty Links, and click on, add Pretty Link.Audit Log : This will let you see everything that your members have done in regard to the group.Members : This tab allows members to be viewed by Rank.The more you have, the harder it can be to see how related links perform and how to best optimize them.As your site grows, so will the number of links it contains.Simply put, link groups are a way to sort your links and keep the related ones together.Lastly, you can remove a member from the group by clicking on the gear next to their icon and selecting 'Kick User'.Its important to note that each link can only be added to one group at a time.Leave Group : This button will allow you to leave a group that you no longer want to be a part.
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Simply choose the group you just created, and then select Create to save.

From here, you can see the group activity and the group control panel.
Add related links to your group.
By grouping related links together, you make it easier to keep track of them.