how to make a macrame plant hanger

How to make a macramé plant hanger.
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You can find printable instructions for the two personalized keychains on the far left and far right.
Today they join us to show us how to make modern macramé.You can see many cool macramé designs and patterns in this recent post.(In the instructions, Leslie wraps up her key ring with a simple finishing knot.For the striped macramé keychain, she used vertical half-stitch knots and wool roving yarn to make the stripes.What if there were multiple cords acting in unison?The glass vessels are great for showcasing the lines of the macramé.Then carefully place the plant pot inside the holder and hang it up on a hook.Scissors, plant pot, buy here, related articles, step.Step 12 Place the bowl directly above the lowest knot and pull up the sides of the cords to create a web for it to rest.The plant and container are not the only aesthetic considerations.Stephanotis science project easy to make at home floribunda, with its beautiful waxy, deep green leaves, is the perfect complement to the twist and curves of the wild trailing.

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Step 6, repeat step 5 until all of the bundles are tied together.