Pts/6 S 00:48 0:00 grep redis-server root 17453.1 0?
I cannot guarantee that ALL other Synology NAS devices are working but please post results below in case you have tried and tell your model so people will know.
This guide is made with Synology NAS and DSM 6 RC (release candidate synology NAS has SSH enabled and user knows how to utilize SSH terminal connection.Should a tablet or phone require some assistance from your server for playback, and it's not quite up to the task of handling the intensive request things may not go smoothly.Here you could now enable the redis module, at least it should not do any harm (although enabling it should not be mandatory in this configuration).You don't have to fork out countless hundreds for a 4K-capable NAS.There are some solutions available from various companies, but not all are suitable for Plex, which can be fairly resource-intensive.Plex requires a solid server to get the most out of the service, though a capable network attached storage (NAS) solution will suffice.If you cant find it, enable Synocommunity as package source and then you will find.Read full story, latest Discounts, new Products.This is not the only way to install these modules, but this is ONE way that I can confirm to work (at least for me).Step 1 Install zip and gcc-multilib, load phpredis.Now at this point we should test that the phpredis -module is working with the Debian chroot environment, so please still stay in the Debian chroot terminal and give following command there: 1 2 3 php -r "if (new Redis true) echo "rn.Why People Choose Us?Login as: admin admin's password: xxxxxxxxxx admin: sudo -su root, password: xxxxxxxxxxx sh-4.3# cd / sh-4.3# nano please modify the start script accordingly: start_daemon setuid redis exec /usr/local/redis/var/nf And this the how it looks in nano: After this modification, the Synology package center Redis start-stop.Redis is an open source, advanced in-memory key-value store.In the first phase we install Redis server and make sure it is running correcly.References : Error message when you try to access a server locally by using its fqdn or its cname alias after you install Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1: "Access denied" or "No network provider accepted the given network path".Add extension to your PHP CLI -ini file.So use either redis or APCu for your local cache.And then decide and use the configuration that is valid for you.However there are different steps required, depending if target NAS device is 32bit or 64bit.Re-start you PHP (restart webstation gezonde chocopasta maken or change some php setting in your DSM UI) This will enable phpredis again.
If that happens, please check all the steps and checks laat je niet gek maken made to ensure that everything is running properly.) Also see my previous blog post about installing Owncloud 9 into Synology NAS.
Redis server can be used for example cache and transactional file locking (Owncloud platform).