how to make a tshirt mockup in photoshop

This keeps them involved in the design process, and gives them an idea of how the site will be structured when its live.
The mockup with rounded corners, created using border-radius.The idea of rewarding users who choose modern browsers is not a new concept; Dan covers it thoroughly in Handcrafted CSS, and its been written about in the past by Aaron Gustafson and Andy Clarke on several occasions.We can do better, and after mixing in some CSS3 and a couple of PNGs, its going to get downright steamy in here.Photoshops propensity to crash at crucial moments is a running joke in the industry, as is its barely usable interface.When you send the client a static image of the design, youre not giving them the whole picture they cant see how a fluid grid would function, how the design will look in a variety of browsers, basic interactions like :hover effects, or JavaScript behaviors.Not so fast, Buster!With the power of rgba, text-shadow, box-shadow, border-radius, transparent PNGs, and @font-face combined, you can create a prototype that radiates shiny awesomeness right in the browser.Does this process sound familiar?In the past weve put up with Photoshop because it was vital to achieving our beloved rounded corners, drop shadows, outer glows, and gradients.Not a bad place to start, amirite?This is great for prioritizing the content, and puts you on the right path for accessibility and search engine optimization.Well, any seasoned designer will tell you that working in Photoshop is akin to working in a minefield: you never know when its going to blow up in your face.Lets get sexy The design doesnt look too bad as it is, but its still pretty flat.Time to stop showing clients static design visuals.Andy Clarke, via,"s on Design, the old way.We arent designing copies of web pages, were designing web pages.The mockup with an orange color scheme.
That process is whack, yo!

An example of unstyled content, in all its naked glory.
Die Photoshop, die, some of you may be wondering, whats so bad about using Photoshop for the bulk of my design?
Check out the video below to see a quick tutorial on how to use this PSD template.