If you include the marsepein varken maken final slash when it is appropriate, then browsers won't need to send a second request to the server.
Check the Terms of Service (TOS) agreement for your hosting service.
Browsers don't allow web authors to download and run arbitrary programs on the client system, because that would be an unacceptable security risk.
But if you do this, also include a short text saying "Document moved to newURL" for other browsers.Which should I use, entityname; or number;?It is impossible to hide the URL of a resource from the browser.The Robots Exclusion Protocol allows beterschap tekening maken Web site administrators to specify parts of their sites that robots should not visit by providing a /robots.How do I detect what browser is being used?(You may have noticed that this FAQ is not absolutely consistent in capitalization.) Many people prefer upper case, which makes the tags "stand out" more amongst the text, and makes it easier to find element or attribute names using an editor's search function.It is never wrong to" attribute values, and many people recommend"ng all attribute values even when the"tion kado meter en peter doop marks are technically optional.The configuration details vary from server to server, so check your server documentation.Http.1 introduced the Cache-Control header, which provides more flexibility for telling caches how to handle the document.In html, element and attribute names in tags are case insensitive, so it doesn't matter.Everyone has a different preference for which tool works best for them.Browsers cache web documents; they store local copies of documents to speed up repeated references to documents that haven't changed.Can I prevent a form from being submitted again?The Pragma header is generally ineffective because its meaning is not standardized and few caches honor.# of Columns: Enter the number of columns (going across) # of Rows: Enter the number of rows (going down).Images cannot be wrapped, so you have to be careful with them.How can I allow file uploads to my web site?
(Note that graphical browsers are often used with windows that are smaller than the full area of the screen.) Preformatted lines (text within elements) should only ever exceed 70 characters if the nature of the content makes it unavoidable.

Normally, servers are configured to send a redirection message when they receive such a request.
Each "." segment is deleted (e.g.,./ml is the same as ml, and./ refers to the current "directory" level in the URL hierarchy).