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Edible Atoms What kids learn: The structure of an atom What to do: Get the free printable worksheet at the link below, then use two colors of mini marshmallows to represent protons and neutrons and chocolate chips for electrons.Skipping Rock Labs was looking for 400,000, and it nearly doubled that.There are actually 2 ways to make this.What to do: Use Starburst candies to explore the ways pressure and heat form different types of rock.When youre done with your drink, it takes more energy to unmake the bottle, as plastics wont fully degrade on their own.Source: Go Science Girls.Did the smell of vanilla overpower the other?Method 1 white glue, sta-Flo liquid Starch (available in some craft stores and at WalMart in the laundry soap section) food coloring, mix 2 parts white glue to 1 part liquid starch in a cup or bowl.Mix with a coffee stirrer, popsicle stick or with your hand s if using a large bowl.(Youll need an oven for this edible science experiment.) Source: Teach Beside. Add 1/4 cup of water and food coloring to the glue.