Add the soaked and drained rice to the hot water.
you can also rinse the rice with water so that the rice grains stop cooking.
Ingredients 3 cups cooked rice 2 T soy sauce 1 tsp sesame seeds 2 carrots 3 spring onions 1/4 wombok (chinese cabbage) 200g extra firm tofu 1 cup frozen.Use about 2 cups of raw rice to end up with a pound of cooked rice (what you need for our recipe).How to Make Cauliflower Fried Rice krans maken van jute zakken Cooking Light.Gently with your hands, move the cooked rice grains, while rinsing them with water.Whenever you make any chinese recipe then always add celery to get the real chinese taste.That is how it is made in China, well in many parts of the country, and the more authentic option in many cases.Keep doing this for a couple minutes until everything is heated through.Cover and keep the rice aside.You can add your choice of vegetables.If you do want to add a splash of soy sauce, of course you can because that is your recipe, but some people believe it makes the rice soggy and others simply dont like soy sauce and prefer not to use.Egg Fried Rice without Soy Sauce: Such a Tempting Dish to Make.stir quickly and add the rice.At this stage, you can also add ginger, if you prefer.The programmable, digital controls are simple to use and there is a keep-warm function, so you can see how making your rice in here beats using a regular pot hands-down.Also use cooked, diced carrots, along with peas, corn and beans.Soak rice in water for 30 mins.Our recipes serves 2 or 3 as a main dish, maybe 4 or 5 as a side dish.Author:dassana for cooking rice 1 cup long grained rice or basmati rice.5 to 5 cups water teaspoon salt or as required 2 to 3 drops of oil other ingredients for veg fried rice cup each of finely chopped spring onion whites (scallions carrots, french.Cover and keep aside.add 3 tsp soy sauce, salt and tsp black pepper powder. .