I'm a dad, husband, entreprenuer, homebrewer and semi-professional drinker who's slowly developing a golfing problem as I get older.
One of the biggest misconceptions about drinking in Utah, is the notion we only have access.2 beer.Editors note: Green Horns?Each day of the week; legislative changes coming as of July 1, 2018 will drop that.30.m.Both the Original Kahula and Especial contain about 53 calories per ounce, while the French Vanilla contains twice that, at about 103 calories.Buying drinks to go, at grocery and convenience stores you will find alcoholic beverages upto 4 by volume, available for purchase until.00pm."Then fit out a ship that will carry you to the mainland.This is completely fine as long as you stick to beer (Unless the beer is Steel Reserve).Its really not the big deal folks make it out to be, if you didnt know about the rule in advance, youd likely never encounter.A vodka tonic with.5 ounces vodka would not be permissible, but a drink like a Vesper using vodka and gin may be allowable (if the gin was marked solely as flavoring).Their first mistake is they over think the whole thing.Crucially important to note is that some of our finest home grown brewers and distillers are marked as Type 5 package agencies.
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Patrons legally need to be off the premises by 2am.

On Saturdays and Sundays though so you can drink your mimosa or Bloody Mary an hour early during brunch.