Fun Advice Earn points for answering questions, which get converted to dollars.
Some may have you scan products that you purchase. .SheToldMe Social bookmarking site with 100 revenue share (AdSense).TenBux Make money with gigs that cost either 5.Copyblogger : I was at a conference a few years ago, and this is where I first sort of started thinking about this concept, and their founder, Robert Johnson, was speaking.A 100 referral isnt hard to get.Give them a cut of the take and youll have plenty to sell forever.If youre an English major, a writer or a teacher, you may be perfect.You can get 5 for signing up here.You will inspect buildings, cars or some other high value item, verify that it exists, that it works, take photos, and write any necessary reports.Free Follow Up One time fee.99, and then free lifetime usage (I cant attest to the quality of the service though.) Supersponders Topica MailChimp Send up to 12,000 e-mails per month to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers for free.MobileWorks MobileWorks involves jobs as a technical virtual assistant, including online research, tagging images and creative writing, and you must speak English. Theres obviously less traffic, but its a fraction of what it costs you on AdWords.Many of the surveys take less than 5 minutes to complete.At 4 per cup, youll save 120 if you give it up for a month.The biggest thing to keep in mind is that making money blogging is not possible by putting your site up and letting it sit there.If you turn in those points for cash, they are worth 500! Last month, I earned 96 with InfoBarrel.Tell everyone you know about them, and you earn a percentage of the sale when they log on and buy one.
Career in online marketing This one comes per the suggestion of Ian in the comments, and rather than rewrite what he said, Ill simply" him: There are two types of careers.
Spread the word to everyone you know, and let them know what you can.

Become a moving billboard If you dont mind having a large commercial sign on your car or having it wrapped in ad material, you can earn up to 400 per month with.
You can do one time jobs, or ongoing to keep the extra cash rolling.