0.9.5 Added a crafting recipe for moss stone.
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You and your friends who would also have to have the full gamewould have to be on the same Wifi and then go to a world and set itup in the options.Minecraft, minecraft Pocket Edition, in, it can be crafted very easily with a cobblestone and a stick, placed like this (E Empty, C Cobblestone, S Stick.Not really but you could create a pen of sheep by leading them into a fenced area with wheat well if you want to have baby animals on PC or any kind of computer i can t not on anything else sorry.(more) Every time I try to do it he never is there.That's what the nether reactor core is for.Well you automatically run a LAN server just by starting your world.ECC ESC ESE A stone axe requires two sticks and three stone blocks.Supported Platforms, mossy stone bricks is available in the following versions of Minecraft: Platform, supported (Version java Edition (PC/Mac yes.Mossy cobblestone can now be used to craft mossy cobblestone slabs and stairs.In the next update you can though.New Nintendo 3DS Edition.1.0 Added moss stone.Mossy cobblestone found inside of a jungle temple.
0.9.0 build 1 Moss stone will now generate naturally in dungeons and as part of moss stone boulders.

Java Edition Infdev June 25, 2010, 2 Moss stone can now be found in dungeons along with cobblestone.