I suggest using some ice cold water or ice cubes after the milk is curdled completely.
I usually put the entire block in a steel box and refrigerate.
Homemade paneer recipe, how to make paneer at home Homemade paneer.The curdled milk solids are then drained to a muslin or cheese cloth.So 1 litre of cows milk makes 200 grams of paneer while same from the buffalos milk makes 225-250 grams.Also, please subscribe kortingscode coolcat januari 2017 to my channel.If you hit the bell icon, you will be the first one to receive the notification about all my new video uploads.Do not keep the weight more than 30-40 minutes otherwise it will become more dry.14) Look how firm they are yet soft.Slice it or cut it into your desired shape and size.If needed how to make a epic youtube intro can wet your palm to make a moist rectangle.How to make paneer at home with step by step photos.5) Once it curdles completely, you will see whitish or greenish whey and milk solids separated.But lemon juice or vinegar can also be used.
Make a nice moist rectangle in a plate.
A thin handkerchief works well too.