how to make wonton noodle soup

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I made this soup for Chinese New Year this year and it was fantastic!Keep wonton wrappers musical de bodyguard korting covered: Wonton wrappers are fragile pasta sheets covered with a light dusting of cornstarch to prevent sticking.The mere mention of wonton soup and you will think of delicately wrapped dumplings in a soothing broth served at your favorite Chinese restaurants.But my delicious and super easy Chinese wonton soup recipe is better, and you can make it in a jiffy.Add the wontons and boil for about 4-5 minutes until they float and the filling is cooked through.The aromas are so lovely!A quick hint for saving wontons for the freezer.Thank you very much!Continue assembling until you've used up the filling (this recipe should make about 3 dozen wontons).Divide wontons among the bowls, and cover with hot broth.Make sure not to confuse these with the Hong Kong style pan-fried noodles, which is whats used to make our.To assemble the wonton noodle soup, heat up the chicken broth in a medium pot.Read more, most helpful critical review 8/22/2009 i did not like this recipe.Why not invite some eager eaters to a dumpling party to help you fill, shape, and enjoy a hot bowl of easy homemade wonton soup!The light savory broth with healthy vegetables and savory dumplings were just what you needed to make you feel energized and cozy again.Read more 11/6/2002, this was very good!

Transfer wontons to a large bowl once cooked.