And as the current Mayor, socialist Bertrand Delanoë, prepares to step down, the race to succeed him is heating.
It does so more than usual as all the candidates are women.
Polls place Delanoës deputy, Anne Hidalgo, as favorite.
Indeed, its getting more attention this time because all the candidates are women.Rachida Dati, Sarkozys glamorous former justice minister, has dropped out of the race.Often, he can solve his customers' problems over the phone.Give Guarino your ailing Windows PC, and in two or three hours he'll kortingscode floorfriendly 10 return it to you in perfect health.According to a new study from anti-virus developer Panda Software, the new malware dynamic saw financial profit become malicious software creators' top priority.".Most Internet users can stare right at a spyware threat and not even see.As the election campaign starts, voters can expect the temperature to rise.Just know that if you are running a Windows computer, chances are you have some form of Java on your machine.But neck and neck is Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, a young ex-minister in Nicolas Sarkozys cabinet.Technology Review.: Study: Most malware made to make money - 9th May 2006 "Malicious software coded by cyber criminals for financial gain accounted for some 70 percent of all malware detected during the first quarter of 2006, according to a report released today.Security Pro News.: Fun With Java Updates - 26th May 2006 "Sun Microsystems has issued an update stability and security problems with its Java software.Hidalgo, 54, suggests that the all-female race the first-ever for a major political post in France is no big deal.Still don't get what Java is all about?Chiracs wife, Bernadette, who supports her fellow conservative NKM, has already taken to calling Hidalgo that woman with the dark hair.When she met Metro at a Paris café, the Spanish waiter wanted to chat with her too.But many famous names were already in major posts, and when it became clear that Hidalgo would run, the conservative UMP party picked Kosciusko-Morizet also lesser-known.

That illustrates the power of the post.
Washington Post.: Inside the Spyware Scandal - 19th May 2006 "When Sony BMG hid a "rootkit" on their CDs, they spied on you and let hackers into your computer.
Hidalgo is seen as a good manager, but shes neither well-known nor charismatic.