The earliest records of the language spoken by Volga Bulgars, the parent to today's Chuvash language, are dated to the 13th14th centuries.
Forms are given in native Latin orthographies unless otherwise noted.
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24 See Antonov and Jacques (2012) 25 on the debate concerning rhotacism and lambdacism in Turkic.Apparent similarities with the Uralic languages family even caused these families to be regarded as one for a long time under the hypothesis of Ural-Altaic languages.Le qashqay: langue turcique d'Iran.17 (See picture in the box on the right above.) This section needs expansion.Lead Source NoneAdvertisementCold CallEmployee ReferralExternal ReferralOnline StorePartnerPublic RelationsSales Email AliasSeminar PartnerInternal SeminarTrade ShowWeb DownloadWeb ResearchWeb CasesWeb MailWebsite Out-of-Stock InquiryWebsite Make an Offer FormWebsite Pending Arrivals InquiryWebsite Repurpose FormWebsite Main Contact FormChat.These are supplemented by chicken, pork, and to a lesser degree beef.Retrieved "unesco Atlas of the World's Languages in danger".42 Iran edit Main article: Khalaj language Ethnologue and ISO list an Iranian language "Khalaj" with the same population, 43 but Glottolog states it does not exist.A b c d Anderson Stansfield 2009,.Retrieved 1 maint: Archived copy as title ( link ) "Language Materials Project: Turkish".Retrieved 22 February 2017.Classification and index of the World's languages.Ötükenden stanbula Türkçenin 1290 Yl (7202010) Sempozyumu From Ötüken to Istanbul, 1290 Years of Turkish (7202010)., stanbul / 35 December 2010, stanbul: 110.In the word for "moon * isogloss Old Turkic Turkish Azerbaijani Qashqai Uzbek Uyghur Tatar bulgur salade maken Kazakh Kyrgyz Altay Western Yugur Fu-yü Gyrgys Khakas Tuvan Sakha/Yakut Khalaj Chuvash z/r ( nine ) toquz dokuz doqquz doqquz toqqiz toqquz tuïz toïz touz tous dohghus dous toïs tos.The traditional make a move lyrics food of Slovakia is not exactly well known around the world.
"Dialect West Siberian Tatars" (monograph).