Looking to ramp up your fitness and become more comfortable with the movements before joining CF classes? .
Our History, crossFit 757 was first conceived by two friends who had the mutual dream of owning their own CrossFit facility which would exemplify both fitness and community.
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We invest more in our community, coaches education, nutrition programs, facility.You dont have to take our word for.Meet OUR kattenpaal zelf maken coaches, looking to Compete in CrossFit?Read More sign UP FOR OUR newsletter, stay in the know with CrossFit Southie monthly news.Also, check out our member testimonials to see why we are the #besthourofyourday.Read More 4Nutritional Guidance, nutrition is the foundation of our fitness pyramid. .While assisting all of our athletes in achieving their personal goals, we also seek to build a strong family within the gym and contribute to the community of other CrossFit facilities in the area. .Check out our contact info for our location.We were the first operating CrossFit affiliate gym in Norfolk, Virginia.A program fit and scale-able to anyone who decides to make the commitment to be better. .You will not be able to work out with out an e intro session must be schedule inn advance, but you're welcome to stop by our facilities at any time just to check us out.Find out what makes the CrossFit Community so special.CrossFit 757 A Norfolk Original, crossFit 757 is located in the Ghent area of Norfolk, Virginia.The result, a fully capable and efficient athlete that is ready to take on any task life or athletics throws at it and a body that looks the part.View all posts, check out our Complimentary Introductory Class.Fill out the registration form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.