I've let more than my share of revivals die.
Not in New York, cause niggaz talk about goin out of state.
Now come on, let's get that money!
The purple top thirty-five smalls a mojo helmond korting ring of games but I'ma crush him with the black 40 double-L's.Livin foul and ain't lookin out for my health, where's the wealth.Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, And we will never lose, wake up, Wake up, Wake up, It's time to make a move.It's not enough, to let it run.Thirty niggaz on six blocks, makin the cash long Shit is good, because niggaz gettin what they been wantin and we see the same shit, other New York niggaz frontin Stick up kids huntin, but I ain't got no love for em I keep the.But we learn pretty quick how to fake it for the game.I send two niggaz back up top, and come back we chop up rock, by midnight, we open up shop.Where's my plate nigga I'm hungry too.Cover up, compromise what we grieve.So I'ma do like hungry do, and get a hungry crew.Screaming in the dark, while we just play our part.It's four in the mornin, we on the block creepin.Somebody make a move, somebody make a move, please somebody make a move.You think I'm here for the hoe flow?Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, And we will never lose, wake up, Wake up, Wake up, I will make a move (Move, move, move, move, move, move, move).Should we sit around and wait.Grab your bags, it's about to go down.
Up to Westport Local police ain't a problem cause they don't even stress us It be them ATF niggaz that have you under pressure Just so you know, ain't gon' never put my glock down (why nigga) Cause I'm a hustlin motherfucker, and I'm holdin.
You and I: we share the same disease.