PsychicJohn, mY body carries electric charge OF 10 million volts, lets SEE.
Aug 19 2015, other Wishes, votes 68, i wish that I voucher v&d have the power to grant myself and other people unlimited and instant working wishes.Aug 24 2015 Other Wishes Votes 35 I wish i, Jose, and many get elected for student councilI wish I have very good visionI wish I have a crystal to have unlimited wishesI wish.Aug 19 2015 Other Wishes Votes 24 I wish that I gain lots of confidence starting now and forever and I no longer have stage fright for anything.Transformations will take 3 minutes.Other Wishes, votes 27, i wish i can develop telekinesis!Time is not a factor.More Tarot Readings, tarot Readings, card of the Day, the Tower.Also I wish for anyone who votes for this wish, ill vote for there #039;s.I just want to be and feel beautiful Aug 23 2015 Other Wishes Votes 21 Deseo tener una piedra de los deseos es decir una piedra que me cumpla deseos, ser delgada, jugar muy bien futbol, correr rapido, esquibar, cantar hermoso, imitar voces,tener una piel.Aug 24 2015 Other Wishes Votes 37 I Wish I Had A Magic Typewriter With Ribbon Already In It And It Never Runs Out.Whenever I wanted.Make your wish come true, this online wishing well helps you to make wishes online, make a wish for yourself or your family and friends.I need a miracle.Maybe your wish would have come true but you missed.I need shower curtain.Today's Tip: Your Weekly Horoscope: Time to Turn Dreams into Realities!Law of Attraction the Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about.Get help with past bills.
God will always shower you with luck and happiness and you will keep his blessing on you.
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I wish that I would also be really responsible with it and it would always end up in my pocket when I lost.
This app is designed to help you make your dreams come true over time.
Aug 17 2015 Other Wishes Votes 15 Next 14 Wishes at category Other Wishes I wish jerry Williams would stop ignoring my texts and talk to me, break down the walls and barriers that are between.