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From the fight of over the Southern Border Wall, to the Republican tax cuts, to the swamps unending efforts to undermine and oppose the President, Trumps America lays out the truth about the Trump presidency the truth the mainstream media wont tell you.Rob Spectre is a punk rock technolologist having a barrel of monkeys on the Internet.Now, the author of the #1.Gingrich helped President Ronald Reagan Make America Great Again in 1980.The first effort to focus on the importance of good integrity in our leaders has been to highlight the challenge of the president holding the liquor license for the Trump International Hotel in Washington,.C.If the true and actual owner of the establishment licensed to sell alcoholic beverages is not of good character, the licensee is in violation of the law, and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board may order the hotel to show cause why its license should not.Under District of Columbia law, only persons of good character qualify for the privilege of owning establishments that sell alcoholic beverages in Washington,.C.New York Times best seller, understanding Trump is back to illustrate how our nations 45th President is leading our countrys great comeback.Gingrich unmasks the various branches of the anti-Trump coalition that are trying to stop Americas great comeback.Throughout, trumps America, Gingrich distills decades of experience fighting Washington with a lifetime of studying history to help every American understand how we can all keep working to make America great.Images and likenesses contained in the extension and accompanying website are used as distorted imitations in exercise of fair use for parody.He knows what it is like to fight the Washington swamp and challenge the establishment he has done it his entire career.Make Integrity Great Again started after the 2016 election of Donald Trump and frequent reports of his business, personal and ethical dealings came to light.
There is no exception for hotels owned by the president.
Rob Spectre, internet Mathemagician.