Roman noun, adjective official, unofficial current, recent, current estimates suggest that supplies will run out within six months.
1) to give, make; submit an estimate (the contractors had to submit estimates) 2) ( colloq.
4 fix (a price etc.) by estimate.) aE ) a ballpark approximate estimate 3) an approximate, rough; conservative; long-range; preliminary; short-range; written estimate 4) an estimate that clause (it's my estimate that the interest rate will drop by two hutspot maken ah percent) 5) by smb.'s estimate (by my estimate).Generate, give (sb), produce, provide (sb with), submit Three companies submitted estimates for the work.Estimate verb be based on sth indicate sth, predict sth, reflect sth, say sth, show sth, suggest sth One estimate suggests that 30 000 jobs may be lost.Be used to The results of the survey were used to estimate the preferences of the population at large.Estimate for We will send you an estimate for the repairs.Preposition according kado eerste moederdag to an/the estimate According to the revised estimate, four million people will be without homes.1) l ) I estimate that we'll arrive at about two o'clock 2) m ) we estimate the cost to be five thousand dollars * * * 'estmet conservative long-range make preliminary rough short-range written estimate submit an estimate (the contractors had to submit estimates).Other Words from estimate, synonyms, choose the Right Synonym, more Example Sentences.Assess implies authoritative judgment in setting a monetary value on something as a basis for taxation: assessing real estate for investors.Synonyms : Compute, reckon, estimate, count, rate, cast / Adjust, adapt, fit, suit, Tell, estimate, make a calculation, make a computation, cast accounts.The engineer estimated that it would take two years to build the museum.Synonyms : Value, appraise, rate, prize, esteem, appreciate, set a value on, set a price on, Valuation, estimation / Compute, reckon, count, calculate, Calculation, computation.But deciding which company to work with can get confusing.Accurate, inaccurate, inaccurate estimates can lead to overproduction.You should have an estimate done before proceeding with repairs.Verb estimate calculate, make Can you make an estimate of the numbers involved?

Oscar Wilde once said, "I sometimes think that God, in creating man, overestimated His ability.".
While figuring out a budget, we try to over-estimate our costs in order to provide for unexpected expenses.
Obtain How can one obtain the revised estimates?