Their texture can take a little getting used to, but they are very versatile and how to make normal sim to micro sim are a great protein-packed addition to many recipes because of their ability to thicken and gel.
Then cover and refrigerate overnight, or at least 3-5 hours (until it's achieved a pudding-like consistency).
It was pure comedy.
Banana Chia Pudding, make sure you use perfectly ripe bananas in order to get the right sweet and creamy balance in this easy, no sweetener chia pudding.Pecan Pie : Add teaspoon of ground cinnamon to the base recipe and an optional teaspoon of almond extract.But upon discovering you could also use them to make creamy, dreamy pudding, I had to give it.I prefer to keep the chia seeds whole because I love their texture, but if you prefer a smoother hendrick's gin tonic maken texture that is similar to regular pudding, a blended version may be your preference.Overnight Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding, whether you prefer your pudding blended smooth or filled with those little chia bubbles, this nutrient-filled chocolate treat is perfect as breakfast, dessert or even a snack!I prefer to make at night to have it ready the next morning.Personally, I love this with some chopped soaked nuts, fresh fruit, or even chocolate shavings for breakfast or a delicious low-sugar dessert.No other ingredients added.Blend into recipe if using blended version.Chia seeds are mini powerhouses packing more calcium than milk, more antioxidants than blueberries, and more omega-3 than salmon.You might also like these healthy cooking videos: How to Make Chia Seed Jam.One of my favorite chia pudding recipes is still this one: Blueberry Chia Pudding with Figs, Hazelnuts and Maple Syrup.Irish Coffee Chia Parfait Recipe, need a quick pick-me-up?And it lasts for a couple of days in the fridge if you can resist sneaking spoonfuls that long.Recipe: Get Inspired Everyday Raspberry Sherbet Chia Pudding Goji Tahini Chia Pudding Sweetened with honey, this goji berry chia pudding with a little tahini is packed with all the vitamin C youll need to start your day.
It is also great to make in the morning for a delicious pre-made dessert at night.