make tax fair

Personal services such as health care, legal services, financial services, and auto repairs would be subject to the FairTax, as would renting apartments and other real property.
Retailers will receive a tax credit equal to the FairTax on their inventory to allow for quick elimination bracket maker cost reduction.
Rand Paul (KY) is also a fan of a version of the flat tax (its in his economic proposal) although it didnt get much play during the debate.
National pasfoto maken zoetermeer Bureau of Economic Research.At a debate on June 30, 2007, several Republican candidates were asked about their position on the FairTax and many responded that they would sign the bill into law if elected.For example, California should receive over 500 million for enforcement and administration, which is more than the 327 million budget for the state's sales and excise taxes.FairTax: The Truth: Answering the Critics (Paperback.)."Economists Back FairTax Proposal".14 If the FairTax bill were passed, permanent elimination of income taxation would not be guaranteed; the FairTax bill would repeal much of the existing tax code, but the Sixteenth Amendment would remain porsche coffee maker in place."Top Ten Civil Liberties Abuses of the Income Tax" (PDF).The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition.If an individual's gross income is 100 and the sum of their income plus employment tax rate is 23, taxes owed equals.It measures your productivity and the value of your yearly labor.Tax compliance and evasion edit Proponents state the FairTax would reduce the number of tax filers by about 86 (from 100 million to 14 million) and reduce the filing complexity to a simplified state sales tax form.73 Critics have also argued that a tax on state government consumption could be unconstitutional.If you mix in other circumstances (caring for a disabled child or several minor children the effect is even more dramatic.72 Proponents believe environmental benefits would result from the FairTax through environmental economics and the re-use and re-sale of used goods.
8 The panel did not examine the FairTax as proposed in the legislation.
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