Pros: With the windscreen adapter (which comes with the kit) and the foam over that bestaande garagedeur elektrisch maken and the mic, people on the other end of the line can't tell that I am on my bike (2000 HD Dyna Low Rider w/upgraded exhaust pipe) going 60mph.
Comes down to just personal preference on this one.
I can hear music pretty well at high speeds (60mph) while wearing ear plugs.
Audio level, as a whole, is pretty good.However, it does not detect the presence of a bluetooth headset and still uses the phone's own microphone even when the headset is plugged.It pairs very easily with my iPhone 6S and allows you to use the Siri function so I can make hands-free calls/texts.And I have to agree with them.Detaching the unit can be a pain as the clips are pretty solid and take some force to popping the unit out.This is what I am most impressed with!It is a bit more expensive than other units, but after talking to many other riders, almost every single one recommended this due to its quality and durability.When recording sound I use: recorder new MediaRecorder dioSource.Has an auto-answer feature for incoming calls, where you just make any noise loud enough and the call will be picked up without you having to take your hands off the grips to press a button.I am writing an android app for storing and managing voice memos with some basic metadata and tagging.Music/phone/conference audio level is all individualized and remembers the setting.MIC REE_GPP R_NB / and so on, this works well when using the phone in a normal fashion.There are a ton of "how to" videos on the web, not to mention on RevZilla site.I'll get straight to the points that most people want to know!I also tried using fault, hoping it would automatically choose the correct source, but then no sound was recorded at all.Not very low profile, which may be an issue to some riders.Lower speeds definitely prepare for trouble make it double have good sound, but there are some negative aspects which I cover in the "cons" list.Cons: Battery life is decent, but not as long as I would prefer as I have a longer commute (90miles) each day, so I end up recharging about every other day.While music volume tends to come through pretty well, the phone volume is not as high and I have found out that this is a common issue with a lot of riders.
While I haven't had that opportunity yet, I do see myself utilizing this in the very near future and glad vegetarische vietnamese loempia maken to have this ability!