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ROG, crosshair, vI Hero's connection, plus electrostatically guarded and surge-protected components (ESD Guards) for.9x greater tolerance to static electricity and.5x greater protection (up to 15kV) against surges!Remember to take backups of your existing setup!Even rings1, 2, 3 (First 3)1 to 4 (First 4)1 to 5 (First 5)1 to 6 (First 6)1, 5, 10Blank, No Fill Enter numbers separated by commas, or choose a preset value from the list.1,3 - First and Third1,2 - First and Second1 - Bulls Eye (Middle Only)1,3,5,7.6-up rifle bullseye : Short-range targets for air rifle or 22 caliber.For the word "value" in the above style sheet and remove everything between and including the brackets.Please do not modify my targets and redistribute them without my permission.M0re's connection settings / For those who are used to the settings in m0re's config.For simulating long range with handguns or combat rifles.Force facial features / Most configs disable facial features, check to enable.Background wehkamp kortingscode nieuw : this would be the background image and color of your text area.Other settings, multicore settings.Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but I tried to include all the important stuff in this sheet.
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