The shape of your image will be later defined with thread using a zig-zag stitch, the more complicated the shape of your design the more challenging the sewing will.
Machine wash with warm water and line dry.2, use scissors for minor holes near the seams.Another way to screenshot maken laptop lenovo make your shirt appear naturally worn is to replicate the patterns of wear and tear that are common on actual worn-out shirts.For an authentic look, try making multiple cuts of varying sizes.As always, only distress shirts that you don't have a special attachment.4, consider adding beads or other embellishments.Since I love/hate thrift shopping I went to a second-hand store and laughed at all the terrible retro shirts and 80's baseball caps.Locate a good patch of fabric on your donor cloth.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Use scissorsknifegardenshears to cut out your design, since we're only using the silhouette you can just flip the image over to change it's direction.Can sue the two back parts together online like this is sooo together here.Method 4 Soaking Your Shirt in a Staining Bath 1 Grab a light-colored shirt.Back from the the late cretaceous period to rock this world.Use a suitably-sized container (like a large plastic bucket) as a container for your dilute bleach mixture.Don't allow the material of the shirt to bunch up in front of your cutting tool - this can lead to jagged, uneven cuts.If you know how to sew, add a decorative fringe along the bottom of the shirt or sew contrasting patches across the front and back.Consider adjusting the concentration of your bleach mixture for more or less contrast.When you soon the two loose balls aunt with the Bill of faults here the splits.
Here's what you're going to need: t-shirt (or other base, such as cloth bag, jeans, rug, etc.) donor fabric, the crazier the better computer printout, your choice marker sewing machine (yes, really) scissors goggles, the toughest item on this list will be deciding.
Import your images and clean them up using photo editing software.

This method uses long, thin cuts and slices to give your shirt a drastic "destroyed" look.