melk dikker maken baby

TLA (tee el ay) Three-Letter-Acronym.
A space-combat simulation game first implemented on the PDP-1 at MIT in 1960-61.
Hacker speech style (a variety of make your own filofax inserts the precisionist English normally spoken by scientists, design engineers, and academics in technical fields) is kiss make up schablone fairly constant everywhere.All Internet machines and most uucp sites can now resolve these addresses, thanks to a large amount of behind-the-scenes magic and PD software written since 1980.But more common at unix/C sites.To bear emotionally or physically."The system is softwarily unreliable." The adjective "softwary" is NOT used.To block, waiting for (something).A feature which eventually screws someone, possibly because it is not adequate for a new situation which has evolved.One who asks questions.Interrupts locked OUT (in'[email protected] lokt owt) When someone is ignoring you.The slang file will be regularly maintained and re-posted from now on and will include a version number.All these groups overlap heavily and (where evidence is available) seem to share characteristic hacker tropisms for SF, music and oriental food.Less often, applied to the software analogue of sense #1, a slow code section or algorithm through which all computation must pass (see also HOT spot).Internet address (in'ter-net @-dres.Pessimal (pes'i-ml) Latin-based antonym for "optimal" adj.
A large, primitive, power-hungry active electrical device, similar to an FET constructed out of glass, metal, and vacuum.