This is the video game maker game location of your video sequence and it also contains your imported video clips.
However, when the Windows 10 Fall Creator's Update rolled around, Story Remix had turned into a less ambitious tool much more like the late Windows Movie Maker.
Highlight the files and click Open to upload them in to the program.The storyboard/timeline window is where you navigate through your clips, split them when necessary, and arrange them in the sequence.Subtle ones are usually the most effective, but theyre fully customizable so you can tone down the more dramatic ones.The program will ask you which format youd like to import the video to and youre given the option of formatting to Audio Video Interleaved (AVI and DV-AVI) or Windows Media Video File (WMV). .How to upload an entire video from a digital video (DV) camera tape.It will even sync the photos so theyre displayed in time with the beat.If the video clip is at least two seconds long, the text will be animated when it appears.Skip ahead to editing clips, skip ahead to adding transitions and effects.You can preview it using the player at the top right.Import Video, name the video file youre importing, and then save the import to your computer.Once this pops up select.The Motion options (in the menu above the Storyboard) add some interesting panning and zooming effects that are particularly effective for should i make a move still photos.Below the Ribbon and to the left side of the program is the preview window.

You may not be able to buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!