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I wish there was a way because there are a lot of problems with yahoo and aol mail servers.I am.0.9 and yahoo users cannot send attachments to our users of any size.20 Or is it a yahoo issue and nothing I can do?Adding the following to the Mail Server Startup Script did not make any difference: NO" 20 cadeau 100 jaar Will your method stop TLS handshaking on incoming smtp connections?20 The error in the bounce is "Mail server unreachable for too long".It is a problem with CGP.I have a support ticket open for this along with an activesync issue that I found.20 Mike Yrabedra Yabdab Inc.To unsubscribe, E-mail to: To switch to the digest mode, E-mail to To switch to the index mode, E-mail to Send administrative queries to Massimo Bolzoni - Solution Architect Mob.: Iscriviti ai nostri webinar, solo 30 minuti per illustrarti i nostri serv izi in the.WhoChat ist ein kostenloser Dating-App zu chatten und anonym Spiel Leute zu treffen und offenbaren.We are not responisible for the content of that page or the consequences it may have on you.20 I am running.0.14 and have been seeing a lot of "4.4.7 smtp; 403.7.0 TLS handshake failed" errors.pixel and code fabrication web: m/ twitter: @mikeyrabedra yabdab facebook: m/yabdab/ 20 20 20 This message is sent to you because you are subscribed to the mailing list.