Someone Like You, by Adele, pure Shores, by All Saints, please Dont Go, by Barcelona.
If youve already invested in a fields worth of French lavender and counted how to make liquor stronger infinite sheep, it may be time to try something new.
Now, we dont know exactly how many songs were tested but when it comes to soothing sounds to fall asleep to we think this is among the best ones weve heard.
Our favorites include Holocene and Skinny Love, but its probably best to listen to everything hes ever made and decide for yourself.Its pretty important that you dont listen to any of them on max sound.Music to fall asleep to fast a list of 10 of the most relaxing songs (let us know which ones you like best).Laura Marling Ghosts, this song is mellow yet upbeat, and will soothe you into a relaxed state.You may also like (list continues below James Blake Retrograde.Youll find yourself totally lost in the rhythm and will soon be drifting off to sleep with a calm, empty mind.Let it lull you as you get ready for bed and be prepared to drift off.Well, why not listen to it right now and see how you feel afterwards please make sure you arent at work as you risk falling asleep or at least becoming so relaxed that youll soon want a pillow.In the end, the song was 11 more relaxing than any other song (other songs played included songs by Coldplay and Mozart) and reduced overall anxiety.Portishead Roads, most songs by Portishead would fit the bill as ones to fall asleep to, but this particular track lulls you into a calm and restful state with its rolling, deep synth bass and orchestral accompaniment.This song is also said to reduce blood pressure and lower the level of stress hormone cortisol.JBM - "Ambitions War daughter - "Shallows iron Wine - "Naked As We Came".This song will lift your mood while lulling you into a state of deep relaxation.
Fortunately, however, there are a few science-backed ways to make falling asleep less frustrating.

Enya is absolute gold when it comes to drifting off to sleep.
According to a report by Inc, the song's flowing harmonies, soft chimes, and rhythms that replicate a heartbeat were crafted in collaboration with sound therapists to be relaxing.