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The -O2 option is not strictly necessary, but it's likely to shrink the fashion gift card waar te besteden file size of the resulting animation by optimizing the frames to avoid needlessly re-drawing static parts of the animation.).
You can't actually tell the difference by eye (or, at least, I can't do that on this screen but it's enough to make GIFsicle consider the two colors different.You can do this with, gIFsicle, ei salade maken using the following options: gifsicle -U -disposalprevious -transparent" #ffffff " -O2 f anim_f where f and anim_f are the source and destination file names, and #ffffff is the hex code of the color you want to make transparent (here.To do that, you would need to first make the GIF and then select Effect.To do that, you can upload multiple PNG images containing a transparent background and then combine them into a GIF.7 Reallusion Inc.Try them out and leave your feedback in the comments.To do that, all you gotta do is upload the images, open the editor, and then enable the Transparent Background option to Yes.This one also lets you upload existing images with transparent background and then generate a GIF out of them.It enables you to create GIF animations from various images.This website also lets you change the animation speed of the GIF, rotate, resize, crop, add delay time, etc.Then it will allow you to simply click on the background color that you want to remove, and then it will automatically convert the animation into a transparent GIF.You can upload as many images as you want to create the GIF.To get started, simply open the website, go to the GIF maker section, and then upload the images.One detail worth noting is that, if the GIFsicle command doesn't seem to have any effect, you should check that the background color is really correct.They make it quite easy for you to do that just by uploading images with a transparent background.That means you can only create a GIF with images already having a transparent background.
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