ADM Mahogany Soprano Another awesome ADM uke is this soprano model which is not too different from the concert version we talked about just now.
Only real issue with this ukulele is the price.
Kala KA-C is the best concert ukulele in its segment if you ask.
Here are two that we think are best suited for someone just starting to watermerk maken gratis online learn how to play ukulele.The sound is a bit more resonant and louder in volume.Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon The tone of this ukulele is great, to say the least.With that said, doing your own research is something we are strongly encouraging.However, if baritone is what youre interested in, Cordoba 20BM one of the best baritone ukulele models now.Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon With that said, the tone of this ukulele is well balanced and the instrument is very playable.Brüko, long established German ukulele company played by most of Germanys top ukers.Their knowledge and experience translated well when they decided to start building ukuleles.If you look at their current lineup, functionality seems to be the name of the game.Its a great beginner instrument that will keep up with you as you build your skill.Cordoba 15TM Cordoba 15TM is a tenor ukulele, probably the best tenor ukulele in this price range.Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon Since its a bit softer, basswood on this uke gives a less crispy, warmer tone.Koa Pili Koko Koa-ish ukuleles from Kelii.Luna Luna instruments are well known and include a variety of different types.You could say that tenor ukuleles have that classical guitar vibe going.KoAloha Hawaiian made ukulele company headed by the adorable Alvin Okami.

Stagg English ukuleles with a name macho enough to stand up to Staff Sgt.