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To combat Daemonkind all Grey Knights are trained to bend the simpele kerstkaarten maken powers of the Warp to their will, and each one is a powerful psyker.
These warriors are the next step in the evolution of the Emperor 's Angels of Death - genetically altered from their brethren to be bigger, stronger and faster - timely reinforcements for the Imperium's armies as their enemies close in for the kill in the.
However, the Codex Astartes does recognise the need for devastating support fire, particularly when engaging numerous hordes or highly mobile foes.As Rhinos have little in the way of firepower, even a single Razorback assigned as escort can greatly increase the effectiveness of an assault.Surrounded on all sides by Horrors, Flamers and Screamers, Ganelon and his zelf casters maken men bravely sold their lives, the Grand Master himself intoning the Prayer of Purification for his fallen battle-brothers until he himself was cut down.It is able to withstand tremendous punishment, and serves as a solid heavy-weapons platform in open-field combat.The bright red design represents both the gene-seed itself and, to some extent, the sacrifice every Space Marine is prepared to make to ensure the Chapter's future.A score of Purifiers remained aboard the Craftworld, standing guard over the empty halls until contact could be made with another Eldar Craftworld, and the recovery of the remaining Spirit Stones could begin.Bone Shard of Solor Bone Shard of Solor - This bleached relic was carved from the thighbone of Brother-Captain Solor.Each is an arcane combination of man and machine, without personality or reason, sporting an array of mechanical modifications ranging from huge metal claws and infra-red sensors to bionic exoskeletons and flux-torsion drills, all the better to aid a Techmarine in his repair and maintenance.Each name is derived from the true name of a Daemon; a counter to its terrible meaning so that even to hear the Grey Knight's name spoken aloud causes the Warp creature pain, and to stand in the Battle-Brother's presence is the purest of agonies.Only the appropriate chemical therapy or hypnotic auto-suggestion can revive a Space Marine from this state.Blessed with both superhuman physiology and the most advanced Imperial weaponry, the Grey Knights would be the elite of the Adeptus Astartes.
Like all Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes, the Grey Knights are few in number, a mere handful when counted against the vast span of the galaxy and the countless foes of the Imperium.

Every Chapter has a limited number of Terminator Armour suits, and each is an ancient artefact crafted many thousands of years ago.
Along with his pure genetic legacy and psychic power, it was one of the Emperor's gifts to the newly founded Chapter.