"Honestly, the heart attack was the best ballon cadeau geld thing that ever happened to me said Smith, who later noted that he was a "wake-and-baker" (a term for people smoke marijuana shortly after waking up) and felt great despite being awake since.m.
"It didn't feel like I was having a heart attack.They said I would have died in my sleep that night if I hadnt come in, just in that amount of time, says Easley.Just like Matt Easley did, many people especially women mistake their heart attack for something less serious.The staff called a Code Blue, which indicates the patient requires immediate medical attention.You always have the choice to experience our sites without personalized advertising based on your web browsing activity by visiting the.He said, The headache will go away in three to four days dont worry about it, says Easley.Kevin Smith is a frequent topic of discussion around these parts, usually when hes giving us a heartfelt interview, explaining why some Star Wars fans didnt like."It makes sense because I had 100 percent blockage in the LAD left anterior descending, the big artery, the widow-maker said Smith in his first television interview since the potentially deadly coronary.April 23, 2018, 4:23 PM GMT / Updated April 23, 2018, 4:50 PM GMT.Smith, the director behind cult-classic films such as "Clerks" and "Mallrats told the "Today" show on Monday that he has been steadily recovering since having a "widow-maker" heart attack during a comedy special in February.The 40-year-old father of two woke up early one morning with severe pain.Easley recalls Piedmonts stemi team rushing to save his life.Nikki reluctantly drove him to the emergency department.Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans.A widowmaker heart attack, easley had a 100 percent blockage in his main coronary artery, which his surgeon immediately opened up with a stent.Im sorry ) and canceled that second show.His wife Nikki remembers that Matt complained of what they thought was a pulled muscle and headache for several days."If I hadnt canceled show 2 to go to the hospital, I wouldve died tonight.