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With modern cartridges, diameter is no longer entirely adequate.
In my Vergeworlds setting, an energy storage solenoid can store such a ridiculous amount of energy that ammunition capacity is not that much of a worry for lasers (typically, you would expect about 1000 make fur shots per charge, and due to issues with dissipating the heat.As cartridge ammunition was developed, cartridges were originally loaded in a way that legacy bullets would still be used when wrapped up into cartridges.Source even the Police have some new small Faraday bags for confiscated cell phones to preserve information.I totally didn't name one of the major electronics manufacturers in the Verge after her.They felt that if there was high-altitude burst over Europe, they were going to be affected whether they were a combatant or not.They would force an industry standard for power supplies wifi antenne zelf maken so that the armorer doesn't have to stock 20 different power supplies and connectors for them.From a Pasta Fettuccine in this case Box.5 inches high,.3 inches width and.3 inches deep.Well, the designator ".45" was never meant to be indicative of the power of the weapon, but the caliber of the ammunition it fired.Electrons, protons, and neutrons are the basic subunits for all atoms across the Universe.Atoms are then used to create the molecules around.Well I think that a solar storm is a real possibility.The catchy song in honour of Southgate changes Whole Again lyrics to: "Looking back on when we first met I cannot escape and I cannot forget, Southgate youre the one.Are these the sorts of things that would be used for laser weapons?